In 1997 I was completing my preliminary exams in Culture and Social Theory, for a Ph.D. in Sociology at Texas A&M University. As I finished the examinations and began working on my dissertation, I realized it was time to find a job. I took a position as Programmer / Analyst I within Computing & Information Services at Texas A&M University. My job was to work with University administrative offices to produce Web sites and Web based applications that would allow prospective students to apply for admission online or that would allow the 45,000+ current students to register for classes from their Web browser. By combining my technology skills together with my perspective as a Sociologist, my career would take me in directions that I neither expected nor dreamed of.

Today, my wife Gail and I reside in Athens, Georgia. Since our marriage in 1999, we have lived in incredible places, worked for great institutions, and have traveled the world. We are both honored to have the opportunity to serve the University of Georgia. Gail works in Contracts and Grants and I serve as Chief Information Officer at this great university. We are blessed.

Gail at Piz Gloria, atop the Schilthorn Summit in Switzerland
Timothy M. Chester is Vice President for Information Technology at the University of Georgia. In this capacity, he is responsible for the strategic direction and management of University organizations that provide information technology services across the institution. Dr. Chester is an advocate of leadership strategy and promotion of organizational change dealing with information technology organizations in higher education and has written extensively in these areas. He also has broad experience in integrating applications in complex enterprise environments and in implementation of technology services for international campuses and emergency operations. His numerous writings and commentaries have appeared in notable publications of the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, and in CIO Magazine, Campus Technology, EDUCAUSE Review, and EDUCAUSE Quarterly. Dr. Chester, his wife Gail, and their dogs Elle and Eddy reside in Athens, Georgia.

Elle and Eddy
Dr. Chester can be reached by email at accidentalcio@icloud.com.