Thursday, October 12, 2017

2nd Annual Thursday 5k Fun Run at EDUCAUSE 2017 Conference


Several of us last year in Anaheim started what we hope will be an annual tradition: a fun run / 5k for friends old and new on the Thursday morning of the conference. So here’s the plan for this year - runners bring your shoes and get this on your calendar.

What: 2nd Annual Thursday 5k Fun Run at the EDUCAUSE 2017 Conference
When: Thursday, November 2nd, 6am sharp
Where: Start at Front of Marriott (1278 Filbert, between 12th and 13th)
Where to: Philadelphia Museum of Art (the Rocky steps) and back

The weather may be cold. Odds are at start the temperature will be in the mid to low 40s with wind, so know that this definitely will not be like running in Anaheim. Pass the word on to your own lists to those who may be interested. Hit me up via Twitter (@accidentalcio) with questions or comments.

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