Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Things to Do Between Now and November 6, 2016

My top ten list for a successful 2016 New York City Marathon, in no particular order.
  1. Drop 10 pounds without losing any muscle.
  2. Buy 20 week, 45 - 65 mile/week training plan from Hanson's Coaching Services.
  3. Complete running assessment with Jimbo Wood.
  4. Decide on a target pace (4:00 or 4:15) after this week's marathon in DC.
  5. Make plane reservations, hotel reservations, theater reservations, etc.
  6. Figure out some way to deal with the pinched nerve in my right foot.
  7. Spend about 8 weeks cross-training, swimming between April 10th and June 3rd.
  8. Try not to to alienate wife, family, friends, and dogs when I am running all the time
  9. Don't be grumpy at work when I am tired all the time
  10. More importantly, don't get hurt!
Training starts on June 6th.

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