Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Major Updates, New Core Survey Instrument for the TechQual+ Project

One of my most important collaborations is working with dozens of institutions to develop outcomes-based benchmarking and assessment tools for CIOs and senior IT leaders in higher education. Known as the Higher Education TechQual+ Project, this effort aspires to provide the following:

  • a common survey instrument for assessing critical IT service outcomes that are expected by students, faculty, and staff and are generalizable across all types of higher education institutions;
  • a set of Web-based tools that allow CIOs and other senior IT leaders to conduct surveys and analyze the data without having to engage in the nitty gritty of conducting survey research;
  • a peer database that provides meaningful comparisons of IT service outcomes across the broad spectrum of higher education institutions, making TechQual+ surveys particularly relevant for accreditation efforts. 

As of today the project has been joined by 76 institutions who have created 190 surveys based on the core TechQual+ survey. Over 75,000 students, faculty, and staff have taken the survey and the TechQual+ database now contains over 1 million data points. All of these tools are free to adopt and use by non-profit higher education institutions. For more information please visit http://www.techqual.org.

For 2012 the core TechQual+ survey is being revised to reflect data obtained during focus groups conducted recently at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Boston University. You may view the draft of the 2012 TechQual+ survey revision by following this link:

2012 Draft TechQual+ Core Survey Revision

Participating institutions, and others, are encouraged to review and provide feedback on this draft revision of the core survey. To provide feedback please follow this link below.

Feedback on 2012 Draft Survey Revision

The updated core TechQual+ survey will be available for use by participating institutions on February 12, 2012. For more information on the timeline for this revision, and other Web site updates for the Higher Education TechQual+ Project, please read this announcement at the project discussion forums.

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