Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Week's Reading List

Students paying for a faculty member's BMW, sabermetrics comes to higher education, and the return of Herbert Marcuse, all on this week's reading list.

"Buying the Professor a BMW"
This article paints many negative pictures about the business of higher education. I'm not sure which one is worse: what is inferred by the title, the data and analysis contained in the essay, or some of the responses to the article presumably by faculty and administrators alike.

"Colleges Mine Data to Tailor Student Experiences"
"Colleges Pool Data to Prevent Dropouts"
These are good times for information resource organizations in higher education, provided that they are nimble and flexible enough to focus on the analysis of data just as much as on the technology supporting collection and storage of the data. Is your IT organization prepared to support your institution in these critical endeavors?

"Occupy This: Is it Comeback Time for Herbert Marcuse"
We spent a lot of time discussing Marcuse when I was in grad school, particularly his emphasis on the ways advanced capitalist economies create false needs to fuel rampant consumerism. I am not surprised to find his work revived given growing debates about income inequality. But I do remember that it was Barack Obama who first evoked Marcuse's spirit in his 2008 campaign when he talked about middle class conservatives focus on guns and social issues as blinding them to the perilousness of their economic circumstances.

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