Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Week's Reading List

Here are three stories that caught my eye this past week.

"U.S. Universities Feast on Federal Financial Aid"
We live in an age where the public is adamantly against bailouts and government support for private enterprise. Yet, higher education is one of the few businesses left whose customer's primary credit lines are guaranteed by governments. Historically, what have been the consequences of increased financial aid support for students? More importantly, what happens to higher education if these programs are reduced or student loan guarantees are eliminated?

"Western Governors University Reaches 30,000 Students"
Both private and public higher education leaders have long suspected that for profits such as the University of Phoenix charge premium prices for learning experiences that are comparable to community colleges. That cannot be said for Western Governors University, which delivers competency-based instruction at tuition levels comparable to state institutions. If someone is going to figure how to use increased productivity and scalability to increase access and drive down the cost of higher education, Western Governors will probably be the one who does it.

"Colleges Buy '.XXX' Domains to Prevent Porn Parodies"
For some reason this has been controversial for some. But higher education institutions have brands and trademarks that require protection no differently than marks for companies such as Coca Cola or Federal Express. The first rule of trademark protection is that one must actively seek to protect one's marks, thus the rush to register the new .xxx domains by institutions.

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