Thursday, October 13, 2011

University of Buffalo

I really enjoyed conversations today with the IT staff at the University of Buffalo. We started off this morning with a conversation about what I call the "Competency Centered IT Organization." Later in the afternoon, our discussion turned to assessment, planning, and the use of TechQual+. This was a good day. In return for my contributions, I received some wonderful advice regarding high performance computing and avenues to search for leadership in this area. This was a good bargin.

Thanks friends for being such great hosts. Slides from today's talks are here and here.


  1. What people said...

    "The time with him this afternoon was very valuable and insightful."

    "It was very worthwhile."

    "Great presentation this morning! The presenter's ideas were not thought-provoking at all. His ideas were thought-inspiring."

    Many thanks from your friends at UB!

  2. Slide #36 describing credibility in the transactional environment has already found it's way into another paper I'm working on (with attribution of course!). Thank you for providing fresh insight into my thinking!

  3. Slide #36 re: the relationship between versatility of performance with the value of contribution was my big take-away. Thank you for an inspiring talk, and spending extra time with us re: Tech Qual! Lisa Stephens