Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Time is Different

Last week I gave one of the keynote presentations at the 2011 Campus Technology Forum in Longbeach, California. My premise was simple, that while we all understand that the future fate of higher education is very intertwined with information technology, that does not necessarily mean increased importance or dependence on the central IT organization on campus. Because of the rise of consumer technology, faculty, students, and staff are no longer dependent upon the central IT organization for basic services. Coupled with continued economic difficulties arising from "the new normal" it is appropriate to question whether the IT organization can continue to exist in its current form. IT organizations must change, they must redefine the way that they add value to the institution, and they must become more comfortable with the fact that this time is dramatically different.

Campus Technology covered this talk here, and you can find the slides from this presentation embedded in this story.

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